services for transportation agencies

CTRE offers numerous programs and services for local, regional, and national transportation agencies:

* primarily for personnel in Iowa's transportation agencies

Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP)

Two men talking on a summer day.

Motor grader operators can get one-on-one feedback through CTRE's training.

The Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) provides technical and management assistance through its library (see above), its bimonthly newsletter, Technology News, and its numerous training workshops.

Stan Ring Memorial (LTAP) Library

The Stan Ring Memorial (LTAP) Library has over 1,100 publications, 500 videos, 16 slide presentations, and several interactive CD training programs for free loan to Iowa transportation agencies. The library catalog is searchable online, and requests for library materials may also be submitted online.

Safety Circuit Rider

Iowa's Safety Circuit Rider presents safety workshops to local government personnel.

Roads Scholar program

The Iowa Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) established the Roads Scholar program to formally recognize Iowa's transportation workers and their commitment to continuing education.

Better Mousetrap competition

The Better Mousetrap competition encourages public transportation agency personnel to show off their ingenuity in getting their work done more quickly, safely, and cost effectively. The competition is held annually during the Iowa Maintenance Training Expo.

Workshops and conferences

Review currently offered workshops and conferences on the conference calendar. CTRE's Iowa LTAP offers several workshops on a regular basis.

CTRE also publishes workshop/conference information for other non-profit organizations. E-mail the webmaster with the title of your event, date, location, and contact information.

Iowa Traffic Safety Data Service (ITSDS)

The ITSDS helps local Iowa agencies by preparing crash fact data specific to their jurisdictions.

Sample images from video logging.

Sample images from the IPMP's video logging service.

Iowa Pavement Management Program

The Iowa Pavement Management Program helps Iowa's state and local transportation agencies make better decisions about how to spend their maintenance and construction funds.

Bridge Engineering Center

The Bridge Engineering Center conducts research on bridge technologies to help bridge designers/owners, particularly the Iowa Department of Transportation Office of Bridges and Structures, design, build, and maintain long-lasting bridges.

Demolition of a house

A division on building demolition was added to the SUDAS specifications manual in 2003.

Statewide Urban Designs and Specifications (SUDAS)

Coordinated by CTRE, the Statewide Urban Designs and Specifications (SUDAS) manuals include design and construction details unique to specific jurisdictions across the state and address considerations like materials availability and soil conditions, which vary among the six state Iowa DOT districts.

GASB 34 resources

The GASB 34 page provides background information (including articles from Technology News) and lists of online and hard-copy resources.

Communication services

CTRE's communications group provides a variety of services to clients to help them communicate their messages as effectively as possible.