Multimedia training facility

View from back of the multimedia training room.

Above, a view from the back of CTRE's multimedia training facility during a videoconference meeting. The large projection screen is in the corner, and the speaker's lectern is to the left of it. Below, a view of the room from the front. For this event, tables were arranged in a U-shape.

View of training room with tables in U-shape

CTRE's multimedia training facility is available to the Iowa Department of Transportation, Iowa's city and county transportation agencies, Iowa State University centers, institutes and departments, and the ISU Research Park for meetings and workshops. Organizations have used the facility to

About the facility

The room accommodates up to 49 people, with movable tables for flexible teaching/meeting arrangements, 4 large marker boards, and a large projection screen. The facility may be used during normal business hours (8 am to 5 pm). Special arrangements will need to be made for events outside of normal business hours. This facility is located in the Center for Transportation Research and Education's office suite in Iowa State University's Research Park at 2711 S. Loop Drive, Suite 4700, with convenient access and plenty of free parking. See the map to CTRE.

About the equipment

Includes special-use technologies and equipment: 

A media cart and other equipment can be made available with prior arrangement.


Other laptops may be brought in with arrangements by the instructor and the CTRE systems staff.



(Affiliates of Iowa State University only)

Additional costs will be charged if CTRE must rent equipment from an outside source or if additional help is needed for software installation or setting up and tearing down the room. Information regarding any additional costs will be provided as soon as they are known.

Reserving the multimedia training facility

The multimedia training facility is booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations may be made up to 3 months in advance. Reservations for middle-of-the-week days or multiple days that are not contiguous can cause additional scheduling problems and require additional approvals. If you require an additional room, please request it at the time of reservation. Please be aware that the facility is only available to Iowa State University affiliates and sponsors. Private organization requests will not be honored without sponsorship from an ISU affiliate or sponsor.

Submit a reservation request

The facility and quipment equipment is coordinated through CTRE’s receptionist, Kristi Angaran. Contact Kristi at 515-294-8103 to determine the facility's availability on the date(s) you'd like. She can also assist in obtaining other equipment from outside sources, but additional charges will be made at actual cost. Complete and submit a request to use the facility (53 kb pdf) via fax, 515-294-0467.

Set-up and tear-down

Groups using the facility must furnish all specialized software AND certify to their possession of a legal number of software licenses to be installed on the training computers. This certification needs to be made before the first day of class.

Group coordinators must discuss configuration needs with the system support staff well in advance of the event to ensure that CTRE can provide what is required, especially if outside laptops will be brought in. Group coordinators must also provide extremely clear loading and configuration information to the CTRE systems administrator or plan to be on site PRIOR to the first day of the event to assist the systems staff in loading and configuring the computers.

CTRE is an Iowa State University center.

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