CTRE / Jul 30, 2018

Iowa Corridor Enforcement, Phase 1

On April 5th, Bob Thompson requested that maps be created for I-80, US 30, US 18, and US 71 to promote interest and inform state law enforcement officers participating in the April 7th discussion of the Corridor Enforcement Program. The maps would aid in determining the major Iowa corridors where enforcement would have the most benefit in terms of reducing injury severity. By April 6th, 22 county maps were created and 10 color copies of each were provided. The involved officers decided to go ahead with the proposed project. On May 26th, Phase I was completed and 8 ½” x 11” color maps, 36” x 44” plots, and color transparencies were created for Interstate 80, US 20, US 30, US 34, US 61, and US 71. On July 26th, Phase II was completed and items were produced for Interstate 380, Interstate 35-80, and US 71. In all, 830 maps, 99 transparencies, 9 plots, and 80 tables were created!