Automated Distress Data Collection

IPMP can collect pavement distress data for paved highways through its contractor, Fugro Roadware Group, Inc.

Roadware collects distress information on the following:

  • cracks
  • potholes
  • rutting
  • ride

Data collection is done through a series of steps that are detailed on the data collection flow chart for local agencies.

Data Collection

Roadware uses an onboard computer to record GPS information, information from digital cameras on the truck, and information on roll, pitch, and heading.

Roadware’s technology includes:

  • WiseCrax® a fully automated crack detection system for pavement condition rating
  • Laser SDP™ produces a longitudinal profile of the pavement surface, determines the roughness of the road, and calculates International Roughness Index (IRI) information and other indices in real time
  • Smart Rutbar calculates the transverse road profile, determines the amount and severity of rutting, and uses special software to calculate the mill and shim quantities of asphalt to restore proper crossfall
  • Right-of-Way Video uses up to six cameras for recording different perspectives of your right-of-way and provides you with a videolog of these perspectives
  • Inventory Keyboard lets technicians record pavement condition and roadside features, such as signs, bridges, culverts, guardrails, grade crossings, etc.
  • Global Position Systems (GPS) are used to determine the three-dimensional coordinates in geographic space