IPMP offers videologging of roadways to integrate with the data already collected. Roadware will integrate the video and the data into a single desktop application.

Video data gives users the opportunity to:

  • view the condition of roadways without leaving the office
  • visualize the roadway integrated with other condition data collected by Fugro Roadware

Videologging and Visi-Data provide:

  • ability to review data synchronized with video
  • 300 images per mile
  • three options for data collection
  • right-of-way view
  • pavement-only view
  • wide angle – high definition


Visi-Data is a multimedia data presentation and analysis tool. Data are presented in tabular and graphical formats. Associated right-of-way images can be presented along with GPS location.

The user can display data such as roughness, rutting, and cross slope integrated with digital images by specifying a reference point.

In addition, Visi-Data offers:

  • location-based video playback
  • map location navigation
  • multiple camera images
  • image playback