InTrans / Jun 06, 2024

SUDAS’ Beth Richards wins CYtation Award

SUDAS’ Beth Richards with Professional & Scientific Council President Patrick Wall

Iowa Statewide Urban Design and Specifications (SUDAS) Program Coordinator Beth Richards often goes above and beyond in her duties. Now, she’s gotten recognition for it.

Nominated by SUDAS Program Director David Carney, Richards recently earned Iowa State University’s CYtation Award that recognizes dedicated Professional & Scientific employees, particularly those who might not otherwise receive notice for their outstanding work.

Per the awards page, the “Professional & Scientific Council believes that an employee who goes above and beyond their normal responsibilities, does something extraordinarily well, and acts in such a way as to make a very real difference in the institution deserves to be recognized.”

“I am truly humbled and honored to be one of 15 recipients of this award this year,” Richards said.

Carney, who is one of 4 directors that Richards has worked with during her 21 years at SUDAS, joined SUDAS last August but has long recognized Richards as the asset she is.

“Having known and worked with Beth as member of the SUDAS District and Technical Committees and the as a member of the Board of Directors these past 20 years before coming to SUDAS as the Program Director, I saw how important Beth is to this program and our new project, the Iowa Public Works Service Bureau,” Carney said. “Beth also is a pivotal member of the Iowa Chapter of the American Public Works Associations. Beth’s peers around the state are never shy to recognize her willingness to go above and beyond her normal responsibilities.”

Per the Professional & Scientific Council, Richards was nominated in part because of her work to keep the SUDAS program running for much of the last year—in addition to building up the Iowa Public Works Service Bureau—after the resignation or retirement of her other program colleagues.

“Between championing this funding and filling vacant positions, Beth continued to provide the customer service that users have come to expect—many did not even realize she was doing everything herself,” reads in part the award notice from the council. “Now that Beth is no longer working alone, she is a morale leader for the team, organizing and promoting employee team building activities. She is active statewide in her role here, but also as a leader at the national level of the American Public Works Association.”

Last fall, Richards also received the American Public Works Association (APWA) Iowa Chapter L. O. Steward Service Award, recognizing her contributions to SUDAS for 15+ years.

CYtation award winners were recognized during an awards ceremony earlier this spring. Nominations for 2024 will open in October.

CYtation Award winner SUDAS’ Beth Richards with SUDAS Director David Carney