General Iowa Resources for Roadway Departures

Lane-Departure Safety Countermeasures: Strategic Action Plan for the Iowa Department of Transportation (PDF)
Outlines roadway countermeasures that can be used to address lane departure crashes in Iowa.

Toolbox of Countermeasures for Rural Two-Lane Curves (PDF)
Summarizes the effectiveness of various known curve countermeasures. The toolbox focuses on roadway-based countermeasures and strategies for rural two-lane curves. Education, enforcement, and policy countermeasures should also be considered but are not the focus of this toolbox.

Best Practices for Low-Cost Safety Improvements on Iowa’s Local Roads (PDF)
Summarizes safety treatments for low volume local roads in Iowa.

Traffic Safety Analysis for Local Agencies (PDF)
Describes several methods for reviewing crash data at a given location, identifying possible contributing causes, selecting countermeasures, and conducting economic analyses for the proposed mitigation. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has also developed other analysis tools, which are described in the manual. The manual can also serve as a reference for traffic engineers and other analysts.