Improved Work Zone Data Feed

Project Details



18-643, 21-761






Iowa Department of Transportation

Principal Investigator
Neal Hawkins

Director Research Administration, ISU

Co-Principal Investigator
Skylar Knickerbocker

Research Scientist, CTRE

About the research

This project is part of the main Iowa Department of Transportation-sponsored project, “Iowa DOT Operations Division Cooperative Autonomous Transportation (CAT) Research Support.”

The Institute for Transportation (InTrans) team will support the Iowa DOT Operations Bureau specific to Cooperative Automated Transportation (CAT) research, applications, data analytics, demonstrations, and discovery, which includes the following:

  • Organizing and Guiding Work Zone Technology: InTrans will serve an overarching role to support the Iowa DOT in terms of organizing work zone technologies, deployments, and implementations.
  • Work Zone Data Feed: InTrans will work with the Iowa DOT to establish a trial Work Zone Data Feed by integrating work zone context data with connected devices deployed in the field.
  • District 6 Proof of Concept: InTrans will work with the Iowa DOT to establish a proof of concept with District 6 on a scheduled patching operation in the spring of 2019.
  • Work Zone Data Standards: InTrans will identify a best standards to use with the work zone data exchange in support of the above efforts as well as the USDOT Work Zone Data Exchange Committee and peer DOT agencies.
  • Draft Guidance for Contractors: InTrans will assist the DOT in developing a draft specification, which can be used on construction contracts using work zone field confirmation devices. This includes an initial specification where InTrans will provide devices for contractors to use as well as a future specification that contractors provide everything, including the data feed which contains work zone extents. The future specification will include a list of data elements required in the feed as well as minimum accuracy requirements of the field devices and communication methods.
  • Proof of Concept for Mobile Work Zone Operations with AVL: InTrans will work with the Iowa DOT to use the AVL data feed for mobile work zone presence determine the location of moving maintenance operations.
  • Proof of Concept for Towing Operations Activity Notification: InTrans will work with, and modify as necessary, the existing mobile based lane closure notification tool for trial deployment in cooperation with towing agencies within the Des Moines area.
  • Develop a Framework for Verified Lane Closures on I-80/380: Based on the findings, InTrans will layout an approach for providing verified work zone lane closure notifications associated with the I-80/380 work beginning in FY 20.