Focus Areas

CTRE performs transportation-related research, outreach, and educational activities in four major areas: safety, asset management, operations, and planning.


CTRE performs research, education, and outreach activities related to roadway safety, addressing issues such as speed management and countermeasures, work zone safety, roadway departures, and rural intersection crashes.


Traffic operations research at CTRE embraces high-performance cluster computing to manage big data sets for supporting optimal decision making and visual performance monitoring.

Asset Management

CTRE conducts research, provides tools and training, and manages programs that help state and local agencies make data-based decisions regarding constructing, maintaining, and rehabilitating roadway assets like pavements, bridges, and traffic control devices and markings.


Transportation planning research at CTRE helps states, cities, and counties understand how their roads and streets are being used, plan for future traffic demands, and effectively design safer, more efficient roadway systems for the future.