Iowa Traffic Safety Data Service (ITSDS)

The Iowa Traffic Safety Data Service (ITSDS) provides agencies with the most readily available crash data analysis resources in Iowa.

The State of Iowa’s crash and roadway databases are among the most comprehensive in the United States. Throughout the years, state agencies have strived to make these data available to a wider audience. This audience represents a vast, diverse and evolving group of existing and potential safety data users in the State of Iowa. However, a gap exists between what they can gather for themselves — often due to a lack of knowledge and experience — and what they can obtain from experts. Furthermore, as users become more familiar with the data and additional analysis opportunities, their questions may become more complex, requiring assistance to address.

ITSDS provides agencies, organizations and individuals with crash data analysis resources in Iowa. ITSDS serves the gap between what safety data users can gather for themselves, and what they can obtain from experts. It also serves as a resource to those lacking the necessary knowledge and experience to effectively assimilate, analyze and present crash data. Using the data and analyses provided by ITSDS, agencies can help reduce the frequency and severity of crashes in their jurisdictions.

ITSDS is for anyone who needs to examine crash data to make decisions about funding, improving roads, implementing enforcement, writing reports and proposals, designing presentations, or increasing traffic safety awareness. ITSDS generally performs safety analyses on an “on demand” basis for ad hoc requests. ITSDS also conducts semi-regular analyses, as well as special projects, for various agencies. As agencies see needs for safety data, they contact ITSDS for assistance.


Zachary Hans

Senior Research Engineer

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