Sri Sritharan


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Professor, Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering


InTrans, BEC

About Sri

Dr. Sritharan contributes to various research on transportation projects associated with the Bridge Engineering Center (BEC).


  • PhD, Structural Engineering, University of California, San Diego, CA, 1998
  • ME, Civil Engineering, University of Auckland, New Zealand, 1989
  • BSc, Civil Engineering, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, 1985

Professional Experience

  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 2018–2021
  • Interim Assistant Dean for Strategic Initiatives, College of Engineering (CoE), Iowa State University, Ames, 2016–present
  • Wilkinson Chair of Interdisciplinary Engineering, Iowa State University, 2016–2021
  • Director, Structure Testing Facilities, Iowa State University, 2016–present
  • Faculty member, Center for Post-Graduate Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology, ROSE School, Institute for Advanced Study, Pavia, Italy, 2014–present
  • Lead Faculty, Wind Energy Initiative, College of Engineering, Iowa State University, 2011–present
  • Grace Miller Wilson and T. A. Wilson Endowed Engineering Professor, Iowa State University, 2010–2017

Selected Research Projects

  • Development of a Deck Overlay Method for Post Tensioned Box Girder Bridges using Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC), California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), 2020–2022, PI
  • Engineering Research Center for Hazard Mitigation and Community Resilience (HMCR), National Science Foundation, 2019–2020, PI
  • Collegiate Wind Competition for Undergraduate Students, Department of Energy through National Renewable Energy Laboratory, 2019, PI
  • Design of Drilled Shafts in Iowa – Validation and Design Recommendations, Iowa Highway Research Board (IHRB), 2018–2020, PI
  • Characterizing the Behavior of a Machine-Placed UHPC Bridge Deck Overlay, IHRB, 2018–2020, PI
  • Use of Ultra-High Performance Concrete for Bridge Deck Overlay, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT), IHRB, 2016–2017, PI
  • Next-Gen Monitoring and Evaluation of California Bridges, Caltrans, 2016–2018, Co-PI
  • Investigation into Shrinkage of High Performance Concrete Used for Iowa Bridge Decks and Overlays – Phase II Shrinkage Control and Field Investigation, IHRB, 2015–2018, Co-PI
  • Design and Performance Verification of a Bridge Column/Footing/Pile System for Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) Iowa Highway Research Board, 2015–2020, PI
  • Recommended Resistance Factors for Load and Resistance Factor Design of Drilled Shafts in Iowa, Iowa DOT, 2014–2019, PI
  • LRFD Minimal Flexural Reinforcement Requirements, National Cooperative Highway Research Program, 2013–2019, PI
  • Connection Details and Field Implementation of UHPC Piles – Phase II, IHRB, 2009–2019, PI

Selected Publications

  • Honarvar, E., Sritharan, S., Rouse, M., and Meeker, W. 2020. Probablistic Approach to Integrating Thermal Effects in Camber and Stress Analyses of Concrete Beams, ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering, Vol 25, No. 4, pp. 04020010-1–04020010-14.
  • Kalliontzis, D., Schultz, A. E., and Sritharan, S. Generalized Dynamic Analysis of Structural Single Rocking Walls (SRWs). Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, Vol. 49, No. 7, pp. 633–656.
  • Kalliontzis, D. and Sritharan, S. Dynamic Response and Impact Energy Loss in Controlled Rocking Members. Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, Vol. 49, No. 4, pp. 319–338.
  • Barutha, P., Nahvi, A., Cai, B., Jeong, H. D., and Sritharan, S. Evaluating Commercial Feasibility of a New Tall Wind Tower Design Concept Using a Stochastic Levelized Cost of Energy Model. Journal of Cleaner Production, No. 240.
  • Nazari, M. and Sritharan, S. Seismic Design of Precast Concrete Rocking Wall Systems with Varying Hysteretic Damping. PCI Journal, Vol. 64, No. 5, pp.58–76.
  • Liang, X. and Sritharan, S. Effects of Confinement in Square Hollow Concrete Column Sections. Engineering Structures, No. 191, pp. 526–535.
  • Cancelli, A., Laflamme, S., Alipour, A., Sritharan, S., and Ubertini, F. 2019. Vibration-based Damage Localization and Quantification in a Pretensioned Concrete Girder Using Stochastic Subspace Identification and Particle Swarm Model Updating. Structural Health Monitoring, Vol. 19, No. 2, pp. 587–605.
  • Aaleti, S. and Sritharan, S. 2019. Quantifying Bonding Characteristics between UHPC and Normal Strength Concrete for Bridge Deck Application. ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering, 24, No. 6, pp. 04019041-1–04019041-13.
  • Cheng, Z. and Sritharan, S. Side Shear Strength of Preformed Socket Connections Suitable for Vertical Precast Members. Submitted to ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering, Vol. 24, No. 5, pp. 04019025-1–04019025-10.
  • Nazari, M. and Sritharan, S. Dynamic Evaluation of PreWEC Systems with Varying Hysteretic Energy Dissipation. ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, Vol. 144, No. 10, pp. 04018185-1–04018185-15.
  • Liang, X. and Sritharan, S. Effects of Confinement in Circular Hollow Columns. ASCE Structural Engineering, Vol. 144, No. 9, pp. 04018159-1–04018159-13.
  • Sritharan, S., Doiron, G., Bierwagen, D., Keierleber, B., and Abu-Hawash, A. 2018. The First Application of UHPC Bridge Deck Overlay in North America. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board.

Professional Affiliations, Honors, and Service

  • ISU Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research, Iowa State University, 2019
  • Member of Emerging Leaders Academy, Iowa State University, 2018–2019
  • Delmar L. Bloem Distinguished Service Award for Outstanding Leadership of Committee 341 – Earthquake-Resistant Concrete Bridges, American Concrete Institute, 2016
  • Martin P. Korn Award, in recognition for a technical paper in the PCI Journal that is most worthy of special commendation for its merit as a contribution in design and research, Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute, 2016
  • Y. Lin Award for contributions to the field of field of Prestressed Concrete, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), 2016
  • R. Boylan Eminent Faculty Award for Research, College of Engineering, Iowa State University, 2016
  • Renewable Energy Impact Award, Iowa Energy Center, 2015

Completed Research

In-Progress Research